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Barefoot Compression Massage

Barefoot Compression Therapy or Deeper Work is a system  of massage that utilizes the feet to work deeply and effectively with little or no soreness. This treatment is practiced on a mat on the floor with bolsters and pillows used to support the body. The client is often fully clothed wearing loose fitting clothing. Compression is applied using the ball of the foot and the heel, often holding pressure in a specific location for 30 seconds or even as long as 2-5 minutes. Holding pressure for longer amounts of time gives the fascia and muscles the opportunity to soften and lengthen. This results in freeing up restrictions in the body and creating increased ease and range of motion and often decreased pain. This technique is very effective in releasing trigger points and alleviating referral pain patterns established in the body from injuries or long held stress and repetitive stress patterns.

Often with traditional deep tissue work, pressure is applied with an elbow which is rather sharp when compared to the ball or heel of the foot. This sharper point of contact can often feel invasive or sharp. In addition, the sheering action with traditional deep tissue can create soreness the day after the massage. Barefoot compression does not utilize this sheering action to free up restrictions and therefore causes less tissue irritation and soreness while still providing the deeper release that those who request deep tissue work desire.


Hypertonic muscles soften and lengthen

Muscles are flushed and interstitial stasis is reduced

Releases histamines which dilate capillaries and increases cellular nutrition

Muscles fire faster with increased amounts of acetylcholine

Muscle lesions heal faster with increased collagen production

Stretching the muscle fibers increases capillarization

Rejuvenates and enlivens fascia

Increases freedom of movement and range of motion

Eliminates myofascial pain and secondary autonomic phenomena by eliminating trigger points

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