Barefoot Compression Massage

Barefoot Compression Therapy or Deeper Work is a system  of massage that utilizes the feet to work deeply and effectively with little or no soreness. This treatment is practiced on a mat on the floor with bolsters and pillows used [&hellip… Read More

Essential Oil Spotlight – Oregano

Have you ever wondered what all those amazing smelling essential oils are good for and how they can be used? I will be highlighting a few of them here on my blog. I have been hearing a lot lately about [&hellip… Read More

Craniosacral & Migraines

We all know someone who suffers from migraines. When a headache of this magnitude strikes it can be enough to derail plans and often leads to missed work. Some studies estimate that 13% of adults in the U.S. suffer from [&hellip… Read More

Essential Oil Properties

If you have been in to see me you have probably noticed that I often like to incorporate essential oils into your massage experience. I thought I would take a few minutes to share some of the benefits of a [&hellip… Read More

Massage and Arthritis

Arthritis is a common condition affecting all ages, even children, but it becomes more prevalent the older we get. According to the CDC, it affects almost half of those age 65 and older ( There are many types of arthritis [&hellip… Read More

Craniosacral Therapy

I am happy to announce that I will soon be offering craniosacral therapy. This modality addresses the structures surrounding the brain and spinal cord from the cranial bones to the sacrum and beyond. It was pioneered by Dr. John Upledger [&hellip… Read More

Massage and Detoxification

Ever wonder why whenever you get a massage your massage therapist is constantly reminding you to drink plenty of water? Or telling you to try and take it easy for the rest of the day? You may have heard that [&hellip… Read More

Warm Up In the Sauna

Are you tired of all this cold winter weather? Why not give our sauna a try! Come warm up inside and out before your next massage with a cup of tea and a few minutes in the sauna. The heat will feel [&hellip… Read More

New Location

What a beautiful fall we are having. As I write this it is 70 degrees outside. Not bad for October in Bozeman Montana! In the midst of this beautiful fall season I am getting ready to move into a new [&hellip… Read More

Why Reiki

Have you ever wondered what Reiki is? First of all, it is a way of directing healing or life force energy also know as chi or prana. Many eastern traditions understand and work with this energy to achieve healing. One [&hellip… Read More

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