Massage is an integral part of most post injury recovery programs for conditions such as sprains, strains and muscles tears including many athletic and auto accident injuries.

Massage brings circulation to a specific area and helps flush out cell waste and bring fresh nutrients to the site. Massage effectively reduces edema or swelling common in muscle injuries by promoting good lymph flow and reducing inflammation. It reduces the pain associated with sprains, strains and muscle tears which encourages the surrounding muscles to relax. When the muscles can relax it breaks the pain-spasm-pain cycle and results in further reduction of pain. It promotes quicker healing, less scar tissue formation and assists you in recovering your full range of motion.

Whiplash: I have expertise in head and neck myofascial release and craniosacral therapy. These techniques are especially helpful to aide your body when recovering from whiplash and head trauma. I can focus on the deeper muscle layers of the neck while massaging gently and safely. I utilize techniques to soften the muscles, reduce spasms, and release fascial restrictions which reduces pain while helping you return to a comfortable, active, lifestyle.

If you have been in an auto accident I will gladly bill your insurance for you. If you have any questions please contact me.