Want to relax? I use essential oils and hot towels during your massage to enhance relaxation. My techniques are deeply relaxing and will encourage you to unwind after a stressful day. Many clients tell me they fall asleep while on my table. I offer a customized massage to make your experience special.

Hot Stone Massage: Try my hot stone massage. I use smooth river stones heated to a comfortable temperature. The heat from the stones softens your connective tissue (fascia) which allows me to comfortably work into deeper layers of muscle in a shorter amount of time. Long held patterns of tension that don’t seem to respond to other types of massage therapy will often release with the heat and pressure of hot stones.

A Few Definitions:
Fascia (fah’shu) is the connective tissue in your body. It holds everything together via ligaments, tendons and thin sheets that surround each muscle fiber. It is what scar tissue is made of. This substance is remarkably strong yet flexible. As we age or if we spend long periods of time in one position our fascia begins to become more rigid or stiff. Fascia responds to heat and pressure by becoming softer and stretchier.

Myofascial Release is a style of massage therapy that targets the fascia. Techniques will often include slower strokes to allow time for the fascia to soften and stretch. There will be some emphasis on warming up the tissue to create pliability. Sometimes the therapist will use passive stretching to lengthen and release adhesions or places where layers of fascia “stick” together. Often you will find that you have greater range of motion and reduced pain after receiving this type of massage.

Trigger Points are “knots” in the muscle fibers that refer pain either locally or to another area. Sometimes they are latent meaning you don’t know that they are there until you press on them. Often this is the cause of tension headaches and other pains in the body.