A proactive massage routine is an important ingredient for maintaining health and wellness throughout life. Massage has been proven to reduce stress by lowering your cortisol level. It also boosts your immune system, speeds healing, helps you sleep better, increases range of motion, and lowers blood pressure. If you have specific needs or health concerns, let me know and I will accommodate your needs to address your specific goals.

Prenatal Massage: Expectant mother’s bodies often experience more stress due to the demands of carrying a child. Massage therapy relieves the aches and pains, helps mom get a good night’s sleep as well as reduces swelling in the hands and feet commonly experienced during pregnancy. I have specialized training and experience working with prenatal clients and will make sure you are comfortable all the way into the end of your third trimester. If your pregnancy is considered high risk, ask your doctor if you are a good candidate for massage before scheduling your first appointment.

Sports Massage: An athlete’s body will recover more quickly from exercise and experience less day-after soreness when receiving regular massage. A regular massage routine will also help your body stay flexible and prevent the formation of trigger points in hard working muscles. If you are training for an event, getting a massage before and after your workout can greatly benefit your body and lead to better overall performance.