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TMJ & Massage Therapy

Do you get headaches? Have you considered whether massage therapy would alleviate the pain? I have been working with temporomandibular joint pain or TMJ for over 4 years. In that time I have seen great results including pain reduction and increased mandibular range of motion.

TMJ is a group of symptoms characterized by pain in the jaw and/or head, reduced ability to open the mouth, joint clicking and sometimes dislocation. Often the condition is associated with grinding one’s teeth at night or anxiety and stress.

Massage is helpful for several reasons. First it encourages the small muscles of the jaw and face to lengthen and relax interrupting the pain-spasm-pain cycle. As a result, the jaw can open wider and with less pain. Secondly the relaxation effect of the massage promotes stress reduction and increased circulation. Finally, massage can release trigger points in the muscle and stop the pain referral patterns. This results in fewer and less intense headaches.

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