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Warm Up In the Sauna

Are you tired of all this cold winter weather? Why not give our sauna a try! Come warm up inside and out before your next massage with a cup of tea and a few minutes in the sauna.

The heat will feel wonderful and it will begin to warm up your muscles and get your body ready for your massage! This will help to work deeper on those tense areas with less discomfort. The extra relaxation time will also enhance the effects of the massage by naturally encouraging you to get into relaxation mode before your session even starts. The heat will dramatically increase circulation especially to your skin. This will help your body start detoxing. And all that extra circulation is great for the health of your skin.

Here are a few things to remember when using the sauna:

-Drink an extra glass of water before and after to prevent dehydration.

-Arrive a few minutes early to your appointment.

-Avoid alcohol and other drugs including any prescriptions that inhibit sweating.

-If you have a heart condition, very high blood pressure or another serious medical condition be sure to check with your doctor first.

-It’s best to stay in no longer than 15-20 minutes.

So come on in for some quality relaxation time and get warmed up!

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