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Why Reiki

Have you ever wondered what Reiki is? First of all, it is a way of directing healing or life force energy also know as chi or prana. Many eastern traditions understand and work with this energy to achieve healing. One example would be acupuncture. Are you intrigued by the idea? Reiki is subtle yet profound and affects the body on many levels including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Because of its multifaceted effects, a client will usually leave feeling very calm and centered. If there is any pain in the body it is often noticeably reduced. Reiki tends to put you in an altered state of consciousness somewhere between the sleeping and waking state. There are many benefits to Reiki including:

-calms and quiets your emotions
-speeds healing/boosts immune system
-reduces pain
-cleanses your aura
-rejuvenates and refreshes
-relieves stress
-reduces or eliminates many physical symptoms

Reiki sometimes results in spontaneous healing or so called ‘miracle cures’. However, it is different for everyone, and there are no guarantees. Healing is an individual experience and is a unique journey for every individual. I think of Reiki as a compliment and support to any other treatments you may be receiving. Reiki should not be a substitute for appropriate medical care. There are almost no contraindications so unless you have a pacemaker you can safely receive Reiki. The energy is intelligent and has a way of flowing where it is needed most. I simply open up a “gate” so to speak.

I have had clients with concerns such as knee pain, gastric reflux, tooth ache, back pain, whiplash, concussion, broken shoulder, TMJ, anxiety and emotional grief among others–all with positive results. I also see clients who desire to simply feel supported and become deeply relaxed and centered. They consider it a form of meditation.

During a session you may feel gentle contact as I lay my hands on different areas that need attention. There may be sensations of warmth, tingling, vibration or twitches as the body releases. Or you may feel nothing more than a deep state of relaxation. Each session is unique.

Want to try it? Mention this post and get 2 Reiki sessions for the price of 1. Or ask me how I can include it to your massage experience. Thanks for reading!

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